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Bespoke solutions and creative fixes, inventions, ideas and repairs.


Every project Hugmind takes on, is an adventure into the unknown - there is no standard solution.


I grew up working in my father's woodworking shop, and from a young age began developing an appreciation for quality, and creative projects. As I grew older I got into pneumatics, electrical engineering, programming, building computers, building fireworks, fixing cars and motorbikes, welding, carving, sculpting, casting, forging - any and every skill I could learn - I did my best to learn.

I have maintained this practice over the last 10 years and have gained a large amount of hands on experience, working with all kinds of mediums, on all types of projects. I love nothing more than a challenge, and I have the skill and aptitude to turn your need into a solution - in fact its what I enjoy most in life.

I was honoured to weld up a base framework for this cello, and help Image Workshop make this dream a reality just in the nick of time!
“Taylor helped us out in the 11th hour of a crucial and tricky prop build. Using his ingenuity and ability to make things that weren’t meant to go together, go together, we came out with a completed and structurally sound hero prop for the following day’s photoshoot.”
— Brence Coghill, Image Workshop photography
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